Facility Management solutions = FM&S

Outsourcing Interdepartmental

 Facility Management & Services has strengthened its management platform through highly trusted partners’ experience, generating the creation of a unique joint venture, in order to:

 – provide means and resources to our clients, as we understand that those activities are part-time and growth needs to remain competitive. 

– achieve a Common Purpose, making contributions of various types to your business. Contributions may consist on raw materials, capital, technology, market knowledge, sales and distribution channels, personnel, finance or products. Capital resources or just know-how.

Joint venture can be quite varied, from producing goods or providing services, to seek new markets or mutual support in various links in the chain of a product. Developed for a limited time with the purpose of a financial gain.


We’ll cover:

 – ISO and UNE Certification.

– Plan for the Prevention of Occupational Risks 31/95.

– Implementation LISMI 13/1982 7th of April.

– Training, Human Resources and Selection.

– Corporate Stationery Web Design.

– Legal Services.

– Taxation of Real Estate.

– Quality Standards Certification 14000 / 22000 / 27001.

– Legislation and implementation of Law 15/1999 of December 13th.



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