@(IFMA) International project in collaboration with EuroFM and IFMA Spain.


Dear colleagues,

We are proud to announce that IFMA FOUNDATION is sponsoring a unique  international project in collaboration with EuroFM and IFMA Spain.  The project will  enhance the scope and visibility of the Facility Management discipline at the international level.

During a period of three months, a group of FM students from around the world will work together in a project called the “Facility Management International Profiles  Definition Study” (#FMIPDS)  with the purpose of defining all possible interpretations and names of jobs and professional positions in the FM world in all sectors and industries. Some of the selected students will be placed in Madrid during this time, with the study  covering travel expenses and allowances. These students will also coordinate the work of other students participating remotely from their own cities worldwide.

We would like to invite your institution to participate in the project by proposing it to your students and coming back to us with two candidates. We will need to receiveyour student candidatures by the 20th of February, 2013.

The candidates must submit their proposals  only through their Dean or  appropriate head  of the FM  program as  assigned by each school, institute or university.  Each institution will be able to submit up to a maximum of 2 candidates. Please find thestudy details in the terms and conditions  of the program  following this letter of invitation.

We hope you find this project as exciting as we do and that you will propose qualified students to participate!



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