5 Traits That Effective Leaders Avoid.

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Leadership has been defined in several ways over the ages. There was a time when leadership was characterized by total obedience and loyalty, verging on the fringes of autocracy. And then there are these times when leadership is supposed to be a collaborative and participative effort, where ultimate power does not rest in the hands of just one person. In today’s times, those who are called effective leaders must be characterized by several traits.

At the same time, there are several qualities that are completely detested in them. Here we look at five such qualities that contemporary effective leaders are certainly not supposed to have.


This is definitely a culture killer. A stubborn leader won’t want to see the way of other people. They will simply shut doors on any kind of discussion or participation and want to toot their own horn. This kind of one-dimensional leadership is totally passé; it does not bring about any progress in today’s world.

Not Being Personally Accountable

This is another trait that effective leaders shouldn’t have. These leaders have to have accountability to themselves, i.e. if something goes wrong, they have to be able to put themselves in the dock. Playing the blame game is easy, but that is something leaders should not indulge in.


Leaders have to be confident, but never overconfident. They have to realize their potential and the potential of their team, and have to act accordingly. They have to set goals in accordance to that, and decide on time lines accordingly. Being too ambitious is abhorred in a well-meaning leader.

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