UE Performance overview 2012-2013

This «traffic light chart» shows how Member States performed for those governance tools where monitoring is implemented, on the basis ofselected indicators in each area.

It not only highlights where performance is above average (green), average (yellow) and below average (red) but also shows at a glance in which areas the Member States are doing well and in which areas efforts need to be stepped up.



By clicking UE on a green, yellow or red square (representing the performance of a Member State with regard to a certain tool) you will be directed to a «country sheet» for the country concerned. Here you will find a short explanation on why a country has been rated green, yellow or red for the individual Single Market tools. These «country sheets» are also accessible via the tab «Performance per Member State«.

Should you require further information, you can find the detailed reports with comprehensive charts and figures under the tab «Governance Tools«

Published by UE

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