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VestasFor more than 30 years, Vestas has operated in the field of wind power. With 57 GW of installed capacity and installations in over 70 countries, Vestas is the world’s leading and most global manufacturer of wind power solutions.

In the years ahead, as wind will come to represent a growing proportion of the combined energy supply, Vestas must consolidate its position as the leading brand in renewable energy in a market characterised by intense competition.

Vestas is determined to keep bringing down the cost of wind energy to ensure business case certainty for our customers and prove wind to be a competitive energy source. This is the idea behind our vision of “Bringing Wind on par with Oil and Gas”.

This vision, our mission “to deliver superior cost-effective wind technologies, products and services”, our willpower, and our promises to customers, shareholders, employees, and the society will guide us towards a joint purpose that will translate into results for our stakeholders.

A direct example of this is Vestas’ Lost Production Factor which dropped to below 2% in 2012 as well as the new approach to product development with larger blades and optimised drive train that increase quality while lowering the cost of energy. This illustrates how we are relentless in delivering our value proposition to our key stakeholders; for our customers specifically through Business Case Certainty, Cost of Energy, Partnership, Safety and Citizenship.


Driving public policies to develop market for wind energy At Vestas, we work closely with political stakeholders to drive the market ../….

To develop more wind energy, a country can install specific public policies – depending the maturity of the market.  Some of these policies can co-exist, while others substitute for one another. However, to be successful, these policies must be transparent, long-term, and certain. This creates a more stable market, which leads to greater business case certainty for wind power – both on land and at sea. ../…


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