EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014…

EUSEW wants to support public and private actors in their efforts to transform Europe’s energy landscape. Be part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014 by organising an Energy Day, submitting a project to the annual Awards competition or coming along to one of the many events that will take place across the Europe in June 2014.

Sustainable Energy Europe & ManagEnergy Awards

Has your project accomplished outstanding results in sustainable energy and energy efficiency? This annual competition launched by the European Commission in 2005 rewards best-in-class initiatives in these fields.
The awards are a highlight of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. To participate, your project must be ongoing, implemented by EU public and/or private actor(s) and be able to show significant and measurable results. Your project can compete in one of the following categories:

  • Communicating: your project creates awareness, changes perceptions and increases endorsement of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy via dedicated communication activities.
  • Consuming: your project is designed to help manage and reduce our energy consumption.
  • Learning: your project improves knowledge and skills related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Living: your project aims to make buildings more energy-efficient or incorporates the on-site generation of renewable energy.
  • Travelling: your project supports mobility of people and goods in energy-efficient ways or with the help of renewable energy sources.

Note on ManagEnergy Award: Regional and local public authorities have an essential role to play in achieving Europe’s 2020 climate and energy objectives. Launched in 2007, the ManagEnergy Award is expressly designed to reward their achievements. This year’s ManagEnergy Award will focus on local and regional public authorities and energy agencies that are addressing fuel poverty, implementing renewable energy projects or innovative financing schemes for sustainable energy actions.

Please go to for more information on eligibility criteria and participation procedures.

Energy Days

An Energy Day is a non-profit event promoting energy efficiency or renewable energy. It can have different formats: an open-door event, a discussion round table, an exhibition, an educational workshop, a fair, a conference, a media campaign, a concert and much more. To join the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014 your event has to take place during June 2014.

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