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newsWelcome to FMpedia, a free online glossary of facility management terms.

The IFMA FOUNDATION promotes and supports this glossary for the advancement of facility management worldwide.

The purpose of the glossary is to provide a resource to the international facility management community, whereby users can look up meanings/definitions of words, add new words, and comment on existing definitions; or simply provide links to additional resources on FM-related subjects.

For exemple:


A process for comparison with a best practice peer group, where the primary aim is to not to copy but to emulate inputs, process, etc, with a view towards increasing output performance and hence value to the organisation. One comparison method often called a GAP analysis, across an array of performance indicators leading to optimizing changes directed to gaining best practice levels of effectiveness. Results may be compared to internal or external peers, agreed targets or published industry benchmark information.

facilities management

Integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.* *Taken from EN 15221-1 October 2006 (English version).

key performance indicator (KPI)

Measure that provides essential information about the performance of facility services delivery.* *Taken from EN 15221-1 October 2006 (English version)


A plan created by a space planner, interior designer or architect showing locations of tenant improvements and the utilization of the space by the tenant

Ballast Efficacy Factor (BEF)

LIGHTING: Defined as ballast factor divided by input watts. The value is used to evaluate various lighting systems based on light output and power input. The BEF can only be used to compare systems operating the same type and quantity of lamps.

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